Thumbs up for naked fun

Undaunted by the transit strike, Barenaked Ladies fans straggled in, hungry for a killer live show. They patiently sat through Chantal Kreviazuk’s half-hour set. Not to slight Kreviazuk and her astounding voice, but the packed Saddle-dome was waiting for Steve, Ed, Jim, Kevin and Tyler–and they were not disappointed. The Ladies have a well-deserved reputation… Continue reading Thumbs up for naked fun

Great Gatsby’s seamy underbelly

Drawing from one’s own diary is typical for any writer. Lifting juicy bits from someone else’s book of secrets is something else. Famed writer F. Scott Fitzgerald did both, with incredibly inspiring and depressing results. His challenging marriage to the flamboyant and intensely creative Zelda Sayre provided fodder for volumes of his literature. Having access… Continue reading Great Gatsby’s seamy underbelly