At A Glance: Tanya Tagaq

Every year, the folk fest offers a wide variety of musicians, offering up new experiences to those attending. This year 12,000 music fans were exposed to Tanya Tagaq, an Inuit throat singer who is anything but conventional.

Performing on a variety of stages–a quick spot on the mainstage; sessions with a variety of artists like Iran’s Niyaz and Australia’s That 1 Guy–Tagaq proved she’s at the top of her game.

For those who have yet to experience Tagaq’s skill, or throat singing at all, her other-worldly, ethereal growl really must be heard to be appreciated. Her stage presence is not so rough. In a variety of short skirts that showed off a great pair of legs, Tagaq conveyed a feeling of unflinching sensuality.

Her performances were powerful, but to the untrained ear, her solo work–all improvised–could be a little daunting. In workshops, supported by instruments like the tabla, Tagaq’s work was much more accessible, all the while maintaining it’s originality.

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