Letter: Gerina’s Great

Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: “SPUN: Gerina Di Marco,” Alyzee Sibtain, Sept. 14, 2006]

I can’t believe you even posted this article–it is terrible! I don’t know if the writer was a jealous female or just a clueless male. To compare Gerina to Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson shows absolutely no musical aptitude. Gerina actually writes all her own songs and she has a way better voice than either of them. She can actually sing. I just saw her perform once and I had to buy her CD. It is amazing! It not only has catchy melodies but also fuses rock, pop, country and Latin music. That is quite a feat for any artist and she is not only very young but she also did this all on her own. I think she is very talented and we’re definitely going to hear more of her.

Before you publish an article like this, I would advise checking your sources and actually listening to the CD!

Colleen Reed

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