Spun: The Fugitives

The Fugitives have put together a short five track EP incorporating perfect harmonies with spoken word lyrics. The way they display those parts is out of the ordinary and unexpected in most of their songs. Although original, this component can seem at times out of place and cheesy amongst the various perfect melodies, as in “To The Man Found In His Apartment Seven Years After His Death.”

However, “Blue Belle Lament” has an added depth and quirkiness, straying far from mainstream musical indulgences. The Fugitives have provided an inventive piece of art, making for an easy listen through their use of a variety of instruments including the ukulele.

Listeners with a spoken word appreciation will enjoy “Music,” a purely spoken word poem performed live. It’s clever, thought provoking and worth a laugh.

Although short, Find Me is a catchy album and a good change of pace from the sludgy rock and bubblegum pop infesting the airwaves. Between the strong vocals and the artistic flare, there’s something enjoyable in each of the five songs. The Fugitives have completely their own style and Find Me proves it.

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