Calgary mayoral election candidates 2010: Craig Burrows

By Gauntlet Elections Board

Craig Burrows was elected to Council from 2001-2007 where he served as alderman for Ward Six. Burrows was ousted from his aldermanic position in 2007 and has since been acting as VP of business development for a private equity firm. Burrows regards his loss in the Ward as a valuable lesson that has given him the opportunity to be better prepared to lead Council.

Burrows identified several key initiatives that he wants to propose if elected. These include enhancing city services such as police, fire department and transit; eliminating the $3 Park and Ride fee; increasing the city’s vibrancy by enticing people downtown with $2 parking at lunchtime and on Saturdays; developing key infrastructure through the airport tunnel and connecting the LRT to the airport and his “families first” recreation initiative which proposes building six new ice rinks, two indoor soccer facilities and six outdoor artificial turf soccer fields.

During the campaign, Burrows has been traveling in an RV to 100 communities in 100 days in order to connect with Calgarians. If elected he plans to remain connected by holding 28 town hall meetings– two per ward, each year– and use them as venues to discuss and address the concerns facing different neighbourhoods and demographics around the city.

With regard to students Burrows said the main issues are affordable housing, transportation and making Calgary a fun, vibrant city. For affordable housing, Burrows would rezone transit-oriented development areas for secondary suites. This transportation policy calls for a 24-hour LRT service on the weekend and taxi-stands at LRT and BRT stations.

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