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Safewalk in negotiations for new scheduling system

By Amanda Garner

Safewalk is seeking a new tactic to organize its 23 noble volunteers. Safewalk coordinator Joey Brocke says they are currently in negotiations with the university’s IT department for developing a new scheduling system that will be accessible through the volunteers’ Student Centre. The system will make it easier to ensure that there is always a… Continue reading Safewalk in negotiations for new scheduling system

Helping students down the right TRAILS

By Michael Grondin

Kinesiology students at the University of Calgary helped 70 Grade 7 students learn about leadership and community building through TRAILS — teamwork, respect, attitude, initiative, laughter and success. TRAILS was a day-long event filled with activities, workshops and games that occurred on April 6.
 As part of Kinesiology 311: Leadership Foundations, 28 kinesiology students developed… Continue reading Helping students down the right TRAILS

Best in show – Music

By Amanda Hu

This year saw wide musical variability with its musical offerings from folky riffs to poppy licks. There were also a ton of new players on the scene, making some tight competition for established groups. 10. Lykke Li– Youth Novels Swedish cutie Lykke Li mixes delightful vocals with some familiar drum grooves– from producer and Peter… Continue reading Best in show – Music

Artists share passions at Market Collective

By Amanda Hu

As a city undergoing a cultural renaissance of sorts, Calgary is still finding its way when it comes to promoting local artistry. University of Calgary students Angel Guerra and Angela Dione are helping out the cause with the creation of the Kensington Market Collective. “We saw a gap in what Kensington had to offer in… Continue reading Artists share passions at Market Collective

We’re all winners, really

By Amanda Hu

The 41st Annual Night of the Dino commandeered MacEwan Hall for a night of shiny awards and smiling faces Tue., Apr. 1.The Dinos celebrated their various achievements this year, including CIS gold and silver in men’s and women’s swimming, CIS bronze in women’s volleyball, CW gold in cross country, ACAC silver in women’s hockey, CIS… Continue reading We’re all winners, really

Slippin’ and slidin’ back to Sled Island

By Amanda Hu

Calgary’s own hipster-haven music festival is making preparations to slide back into the summer. The second annual Sled Island festival announced its preliminary lineup as well as some very unique additions to the event’s already successful format Wed., Mar. 26. The undertaking, scheduled for Jun. 25-28, garnered surprise and excitement, announcing acts like Of Montreal,… Continue reading Slippin’ and slidin’ back to Sled Island

In synchronous motion

By Amanda Hu

Appearing effortless often requires the superior effort. In the world of synchronized swimming, the illusion of ease masks the sheer amount of work required for the sport. At a glance, one typically sees poised young women gracefully completing simultaneous movements in water and since its inception, synchro has often been portrayed in a very whimsical… Continue reading In synchronous motion

This Weapon is based on a true story

By Amanda Hu

Edmonton’s Cadence Weapon (a.k.a. Roland Pemberton) loves to play Rock Band with his mom. With the upcoming release of his latest album, Afterparty Babies, Tue., Mar 4, one wonders how he has the time. The album’s title, based on something Cadence Weapon’s dad–breakthrough CJSR DJ Teddy Pemberton–once said about the details of his conception. Though… Continue reading This Weapon is based on a true story