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Senate: Brent Kettles

Kettles speaks first and foremost about student advocacy guiding his potential role on the senate. He domineers conversation, is charismatic and well spoken. It is not hard to see he could indeed be a strong voice for the students to the other senators–senators Kettles feels are more student friendly than their Board of Governors counterparts.Running… Continue reading Senate: Brent Kettles

SU awards Kettles full tuition

By ├ćndrew Rininsland

University of Calgary student Brent Kettles will be able to afford gourmet mac’n’cheese next semester after winning the first Student Initiative Competition. The Students’ Union prized Kettles with a free semester of tuition at the first Student Initiative awards ceremony, Mon., Mar. 20.Kettles won with his proposal for the creation of a student financial education… Continue reading SU awards Kettles full tuition

Election SWAT

By Chris Beauchamp

Every candidate in the Students’ Union election aims to create an eye-catching poster to snag the attention of the average student voter. And each year, as the nominations close, most candidates are already on the phone to their friends stationed around the “prime” poster locations, giving them the go-ahead to drop their furled banners like… Continue reading Election SWAT

Tribunal upholds Haskayne levy decision

By Diana Lyuber

A rogue student levy had the Students’ Legislative Council seeking the authority to eliminate illegitimate fees before a Tribunal on Wed., Feb. 16. The matter had already been through the Review Board, but their decision not to grant authority left the SLC unsatisfied and appealing to the Students’ Union Tribunal. The Haskayne Student levy, coughed… Continue reading Tribunal upholds Haskayne levy decision

In other news… tuition rises again

By Dale Miller

The Students’ Union’s battle on tuition ended in bittersweet defeat last week, as tuition consultations with University of Calgary officials yielded a maximum tuition increase for all students. Tuition is on the rise to the tune of 5.8 per cent and administration is planning to repeat maximum increases for at least the next four years.… Continue reading In other news… tuition rises again

No forums for you!

By Dale Miller

After two weeks of consultation and discussion, a resolution was brought to the June 1 Student Legislative Council meeting to remove the forums outright. But after some heated discussion the resolution was amended to also “commit [the SU] to developing solely or working with other parties to develop an open online communication device with the… Continue reading No forums for you!