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CJSW (music adjective) funding goal

By Chris Albinati

The love poured in from all over the globe last week as CJSW’s funding drive crushed its goal of $225,000. Pledges came in Germany, Norway and Scotland and a few pledges even travelled from as far away as Japan. CJSW station manager Chad Saunders called this year’s funding drive “mind-blowing” and “a great success.” While… Continue reading CJSW (music adjective) funding goal

University student runs for mayor

By Chris Albinati

What does Dave Bronconnier have in common with University of Calgary chemical engineering student Jeremy Zhao? They are both running for mayor in the City of Calgary’s upcoming municipal election, along with seven other candidates. Zhao may have similar political aspirations to Bronconnier; however, his level of political experience is quite different. Bronconnier has already… Continue reading University student runs for mayor