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Herard means business

By Chris Beauchamp

Denis Herard, the newly appointed minister of Advanced Education, has one message for students concerned his appointment might slow down the ongoing review of the post-secondary system: Don’t bet on it. “Don’t underestimate the resolve and the passion of this team of ministers,” said Herard. “Post-secondary is the top priority. Just look at the level… Continue reading Herard means business

BUDGET HISTORY: I’m a little short…

By Chris Herard

Anyone got $2 or 3 million to spare? This week the University of Calgary Associate Vice-president (Finance) Michael McAdam has announced the university is facing a $2.245 million shortfall for the 1995/96 academic year. As of now, the administration has no idea where the money will come from. The university Budget Committee has already met… Continue reading BUDGET HISTORY: I’m a little short…

BUDGET HISTORY: Brace yourselves, tuition is going up… again.

By Chris Herard

In a meeting last week, the Planning and Finance Committee approved an increase in next year’s tuition to the tune of approximately $220 per full time student. “We realize it’s a problem,” said Jason Allen, president of the University of Calgary Students’ Union. “There was no time to consult effectively on this one.” The extra… Continue reading BUDGET HISTORY: Brace yourselves, tuition is going up… again.

New tuition policy nothing new

By Sara Hanson

Alberta post-secondary students will have to wait before they can officially celebrate having the most affordable education in the country. The much anticipated 2007 tuition policy was released Fri., Nov. 3 and announced that tuition for Alberta students will remain at 2004 levels next fall with further increases based on inflation. Though the policy is… Continue reading New tuition policy nothing new

Editorial: Still not enough

By Chris Beauchamp

Despite a two-year wait, a bloated and troubled consultation process and countless promises, the recently delivered Alberta affordability framework for post-secondary education is an unsurprising dud. Back in February 2005, King Ralph himself promised that Alberta’s new affordability framework, including “the most innovative, entrepreneurial and affordable tuition policy in the country,” would be in place… Continue reading Editorial: Still not enough

Hancock resigns

By Chris Beauchamp

Alberta Advanced Education minister Dave Hancock resigned his cabinet post this week to pursue leadership aspirations for the Progressive Conservative Party. The move comes on the heels of Premier Ralph Klein’s announcement that he will step down in six months. It also comes while the post-secondary system is smack in the middle of a comprehensive… Continue reading Hancock resigns