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Letter: Calgary: Be like Toronto

By Brian Rubenstein

Editor, the Gauntlet, [Re: “Students Fear Safety of Urban Campus,” Felicia Pacentrilli, July 20, 2006] I sent an e-mail to Calgary Transit last year regarding my experience on the Toronto Subway. They have an area called the Designated Waiting Area (DWA) on each subway platform. The area has great signage, is very well lit, has… Continue reading Letter: Calgary: Be like Toronto

Students fear safety of urban campus Campus

By Felicia Pacentrilli

Train stop. Corner store. Liquor depot. Restaurant. And now, the University of Calgary’s urban campus. Located in the core of Calgary’s East Village, classes will commence at the downtown campus in less than two months, but limited information concerning site logistics, coupled with classes which don’t end until 10 p.m. have some students worried about… Continue reading Students fear safety of urban campus Campus

New U of C chancellor elected

By Felicia Pacentrilli

Joanne Cuthbertson–University of Calgary graduate, long-time advocate of education, scholarship donor, mother, wife, philanthropist, and now, chancellor. On March 24th, Cuthbertson was elected as the university’s 11th chancellor, the third female to ever hold this position.“She is also the first alumna of the U of C to be elected chancellor, which is especially fitting in… Continue reading New U of C chancellor elected

Engineers without orders or borders

By Felicia Pacentrilli

Engineers tend to be associated with straight-forward, analytical and math-orientated thinking, which is why the first year students of Engineering 251 were in for a shock. The 600 students enrolled in the mandatory design and communication class were required to build a project from scratch that could be implemented for use in Ghana.“They have to… Continue reading Engineers without orders or borders

English magazine needs cash

By Andrew Barbero

An important creative voice for students is in danger of being snuffed out for lack of funding. NoD–an undergraduate literary magazine initiated by the University of Calgary English Literature Student Society–owes close to $500 in fees to its publisher for the cost of printing the most recent issue. Without the money, the publication could fold,… Continue reading English magazine needs cash