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Sky isn’t falling

By Heather Thompson

Recent news headlines bear a strange resemblance to the well-known children’s story, Chicken Little. Reading the newspaper or watching the news lately is not so different than the panicked warnings that the sky is falling and the end of the world is near. Images of people wearing surgical masks and headlines like “Death wave feared”… Continue reading Sky isn’t falling

U of C travel restrictions

By Heather Thompson

Students planning travel to certain countries through university programs may have to think again. University of Calgary Associate Vice-President International Dr. Duffie VanBalkom has temporarily suspended approval of travel to countries deemed high risk by U of C’s Department of Risk Management, Safety and Security and the Canadian government. “Given the heightened tensions as a… Continue reading U of C travel restrictions

VP external forum

By Heather Thompson

On Wed., Feb. 5, SU vice-president external candidates Lauren Batiuk and Kari Doig participated in a candidate forum. When asked about the three most important issues in the external portfolio, Batiuk mentioned tuition, student loan allowances, and parental contributions in student loans.Doig also thought that tuition was an important issue. “Differential tuition will increase students’… Continue reading VP external forum

Food addiction help

By Heather Thompson

Do your holiday pounds last into the rest of the year? If so, you are not alone.Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous is a free program that helps people abstain from addictive eating habits such as over-eating, bingeing, purging, and under-eating. It helps members deal with a variety of problems such as obesity, bulimia, and anorexia… Continue reading Food addiction help

Security tramples basic rights

By Heather Thompson

Standing in line, innocently waiting to check in at the airport, a man is suddenly pulled aside by security guards, whisked away to a secluded room. He is then told to stand absolutely still while they unceremoniously open his suitcase, meticulously examining every personal article as he is forced to stand in a corner without… Continue reading Security tramples basic rights

Engineers sweep away competition

By Heather Thompson

University of Calgary engineering students won first and second place in Mines Action Canada’s fourth annual Appropriate Demining Technology Competition. Tara Dorscher and Carl Roelt won the $5,000 first-place prize for their design of the Intellicharge Battery Charging System, which is an inexpensive alternative that charges mine detector batteries using solar power. Second place went… Continue reading Engineers sweep away competition

Dinos cross the winning country against U of A

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

The strongest Dinos cross-country team in recent memory made the trip to Edmonton where they stripped the host Golden Bears of the Stewart Cup Oct. 26 and 27. Both the men’s and women’s teams won the race, trotting out a Dinos overall victory. Geoff Kerr finished first in the Stewart Cup and second in the… Continue reading Dinos cross the winning country against U of A

Memorable Dinos moments in Sport

By Kevin Rothbauer

It’s not all about winning national titles. At least, that’s what the Dinos athletic department is telling itself this year. Championships or not, there have been some memorable moments nonetheless.Most of the football team’s best(?) moments have come off the field, although making the playoffs and sending three players to the CFL are proud accomplishments.… Continue reading Memorable Dinos moments in Sport

The Arctic Institute

By Kim Stock

Little-known fact about the University of Calgary: the MacKimmie Library Tower has an 11th floor! If that isn’t enough to blow your mind, on the 11th floor there resides the Arctic Institute–a prestigious Canadian museum.This information seems to have escaped many of the University of Calgary student body, with the exception of the students involved… Continue reading The Arctic Institute