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Pictures of Change

By Jennifer Ludbrook

Photographer Graciela Iturbide examines what it really means to be Mexican’A woman makes her way through the dry brush of Mexico’s Sonora Desert, her long, white dress catching on the passing scrub, waist-long brown hair scattered by the elements on the open, rocky plain. In the midst of the rough, rural landscape the traditional is… Continue reading Pictures of Change

SU says no to campus club

By Jennifer Ludbrook

Students interested in joining the Christian Advance Club at the University of Calgary will have to look elsewhere for membership after the prospective group was denied official club status earlier this year. The proposed Christian Advance, comprised of members of the International Churches of Christ, was rejected by the Students’ Union Clubs Committee because of… Continue reading SU says no to campus club

Alleged U of C Escort Recruiter Arrested by Calgary Police

By Jennifer Ludbrook

For University of Calgary students contemplating a career as an escort, the position is officially no longer available. On Tue., Nov. 5, following a covert sting investigation, Calgary Police Vice Detectives arrested 26 year-old Quong Chi Trinh of Calgary in connection with the “Escorts Wanted” posters found on university poster boards in early October. Trinh,… Continue reading Alleged U of C Escort Recruiter Arrested by Calgary Police

What a great idea for a date

By Jennifer Ludbrook

With the sound of shin-cracking kicks, jaw-numbing punches and gut-wrenching knees, Muay Thai kickboxing is not a sport for the faint of heart, as Saturday’s Battle for the Belts at the Stampede Corral undoubtedly proved. The 13-fight card, presented by Mike Miles Productions, was the first in the Extreme Fighting Championship series, filmed for TSN.… Continue reading What a great idea for a date

Roadside archaeology

By Jennifer Ludbrook

several years ago, University of Calgary Professor Dr. Geoff McCafferty noticed something on the side of the highway that peaked his academic interest. To most of us, it would have looked like a big mound of dry dirt, but to Dr. McCafferty, it was a potential archaeological fiesta waiting to be excavated.This spring, thanks to… Continue reading Roadside archaeology

When research meets beer

By Jennifer Ludbrook

After many years of excessive beer drinking, U of C students may be looking to replace their over-imbibed Canadian and Corona with something new and unique. Dr. Lidio Valdez, adjunct professor of Archaeology at the University of Alberta, suggested Wednesday at a Department of Anthropology colloquium, that chicha may be the answer to North American… Continue reading When research meets beer


By Hermina Joldersma

Editor, the Gauntlet,Re: “Escort agency hiring at U of C,” Oct. 10, 2002. I would like to congratulate Jennifer Ludbrook, and the Gauntlet, for the excellent story on escort agencies. It struck just the right balance between information and opinion, and the writing was excellent. Once again the Gauntlet confirms its place as the most… Continue reading Congratulations

Escort agency hiring at U of C

By Jennifer Ludbrook

They say it’s the world’s oldest profession, and it’s coming to a campus near you. We’re all familiar with the terms associated with women who work in the sex trade: whore, prostitute, call-girl, hooker, escort… student. With the rising cost of post-secondary education, some students are looking for alternative ways to finance their higher learning.… Continue reading Escort agency hiring at U of C