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What’s a little Pepsi spray gonna do?

By Mark Pickup

It was like any other day at the university. The students were herded into class. The professors were underpaid. The library was under-funded. The labs continued to crumble and the Parking Gestapo continued to toot around in brand new, high-priced vehicles. The normality was almost stifling. Except on this day there was a stir in… Continue reading What’s a little Pepsi spray gonna do?

Head-to-head: NBA season preview

By Ashton Chugh

The National Basketball Association’s 2013–14 season is underway. Gauntlet sports writers Ashton Chugh and Suneil Sachdeva have answered the most pressing questions about the next 1230 games. Will the Miami Heat capture their third consecutive championship? Would this put them on the same level as the last two teams to do so (Kobe Bryant’s Lakers… Continue reading Head-to-head: NBA season preview

Breaking down the election

By Greg Ellis

Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all his laws.”– John Quincy Adams (1767-1848), 6th President of the United StatesThe U.S. presidential election is merely 26 days away. The anti-Bush crowd is relegated to… Continue reading Breaking down the election

Pilsner and the Rubber Duck

By Russ Dyck

“By the way, I prefer to be referred to as the Rubber Duck.”"That’s from Convoy, right?""Dude, you’re like the first fuckin’ guy that has ever, ever nailed that."So, my small town background is good for something and came in handy interviewing another small towner.Rubber Duck, along with Waylon Nelson, Gordon Leadfoot and Luther Chickengravy, make… Continue reading Pilsner and the Rubber Duck

CPIRG set for referendum

By Joel McNally

A controversial referendum question squeaked past the University of Calgary Students’ Legislative Council and students now have another levy to vote on in March.The levy will support the proposed Calgary Public Interest Research Group and, if approved, will require full-time students to pay $2 per semester 2004, when a sunset clause requires the levy to… Continue reading CPIRG set for referendum

Damn banks

By Вen Li

I hate banks.Underneath the polished PR-droid surface, they’re big, bloated, unsightly and don’t give a rat’s ass about customers.With long line-ups, insensible "business" hours and more bank-by-phone menus than levels of hell, banking truly stretches the definition of any service industry. In fact, one might call them a disservice industry for all the annoyances they… Continue reading Damn banks