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Tuition: 6.3 per cent, and differentials

By Marti Webster

Students eerily chanted “Harvey, Harvey, Harvey,” and shouted “Down with tuition!” outside the U of C Board of Governors meeting on Fri., Mar. 21. Lofty students smacked picket signs against a second-story Dining Centre window from outside. Even the walls rattled at times with pounding. But none of these actions stopped the board from implementing… Continue reading Tuition: 6.3 per cent, and differentials

Intercultural dialogue

By Marti Webster

U of C Professor of Education Dr. Mathew Zachariah presented an educational, sometimes moving and humorous lecture on guidelines and challenges to intercultural dialogue at Memorial Park Library on Fri., Mar. 14 as part of the Living Research Series presented by the University of Calgary’s Cultural Diversity Institute.Zachariah suggested our false perceptions about faraway places… Continue reading Intercultural dialogue

Gwynne Dyer

By Marti Webster

“There’s going to be a war. It’s going to start in two or three weeks and it’s going to be quite bad.” This is what Gwynne Dyer pessimistically views– and he’s only been wrong twice–is an inevitable American-led war on Iraq. He said the war is likely to occur in weeks, not months.On Wed., Mar.… Continue reading Gwynne Dyer