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Gordon Downie Speaks

By James Keller

The Tragically Hip’s auspicious career has never been thoughtfully planned out. Their ever-changing musical style, ranging from Road Apples’ blues-inducing riffs to Day for Night’s glowing imagery, never alluded to its next destination. Instead, the Hip’s music always carries its audience by the hands, sometimes kicking and screaming, arriving somewhere entirely unique, completely unpredictable.This being… Continue reading Gordon Downie Speaks

Expected Disappointment

By Paul Gordon

Editor, the Gauntlet, I’m sure your readers share my expected disappointment in our present Liberal leader. Martin talked as tough as a social conservative a few short weeks ago in a sound bite he never planned on following through on, or correctly ever being called on, again. He didn’t tell us when High Noon was… Continue reading Expected Disappointment

New research allows for live Mad Cow testing

By Geoff MacIntosh

Carnivores may be able to chow down on hamburgers without fear soon, thanks to new research from the University of Calgary faculty of medicine. U of C researchers have been looking at a new method to detect Mad Cow Disease by using blood samples from live cattle. Currently, the only way to test for Mad… Continue reading New research allows for live Mad Cow testing

Music Interview: Rheostatics like Canada

By Paul Jarvey

Whether intentionally or not, the Rheostatics have become inextricable from their Canadian identity. With a flair for the surreal and an artistic passion with rare sincerity, the Rheos are warriors for milder winter, cheap(er) beer, and the death of salesmen everywhere. The band is slated to perform an impressive five shows at this year’s High… Continue reading Music Interview: Rheostatics like Canada

Music Interview: Retrieving the Music and Craft

By Paul Jarvey

Whenever Ron Sexsmith blows through Calgary, he does so with intimacy, intensity and disregard for the stereotypical. Showcasing his latest release, Retriever, his driven lyricism and inescapable melodies are unmistakably contemporary but nevertheless hang with the genuflect appeal of truly being in love with his music.Thus far, Ron’s success has taken him across most of… Continue reading Music Interview: Retrieving the Music and Craft