The Rantings of a news addict

Hello loyal reader I won’t embarass you by welcoming you back to school. I’m sure yopu know you’re back at school. I spent the summer loading pipe. I hope you fared better. Much is happening on the news wire. There is craziness in Russia, civic and senatorial elections to deal with at home, and a… Continue reading The Rantings of a news addict

You should wannabe back

First Assignment: What I Did This SummerAhem! Mrs. Krabappel, fellow classmates:Well, May had arrived, and as usual things weren’t turning out the wayI’d planned. Since I wasn’t living a charmed life, fate eventually decidedI would have to work in the service industry this summer. Not giving upthat easily, I decided if it had to be… Continue reading You should wannabe back

New specimens

Thump! Thump! Thump! "Hello, and welcome to this week’s edition of Wild University. Dr. Brain and I are currently making our way through the University of Calgary Fees Office on an excursion to view an annual phenomenon here on campus. A little history, Dr. Brain?" "Thank you, Professor. The particular migration pattern we are witnessing… Continue reading New specimens

Expansion delayed…again

MacEwan Hall expansion has been delayed; again.Construction of the long-awaited expansion building is slated to begin next month. Another setback pushed back the date of the ground breaking from September to October.Students’ Union plans for expansion have been ongoing since 1996 and have suffered numerous delays in that time.“We can only make a rough estimate,… Continue reading Expansion delayed…again

How the West will be won

Every November, around Vanier Cup time, a team from the West journeys across the country, licks their lips, and, for lack of a better expression, sticks their paws down the scrawny throats of the East’s highly touted overrated trash and mercilessly rips the ever-loving entrails from their unstable bowels."If it’s not the toughest conference, it’s… Continue reading How the West will be won