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Volleyball, cheese and a lot of memories

By Daorcey Le Bray

Janet Bang’s favourite cheese is marble. "I like its contrasting sharpness with the creamy taste of mozzarella," she said with a smile as three Gauntlet journalists listened intently to every answer she spun from a myriad of loosely connected questions–favourite cheese being one of those queries. It may seem that one’s cheese preference has little… Continue reading Volleyball, cheese and a lot of memories

Volleysaurs feast on flightless foes

By Kris Kotarski

To keep their slim conference title hopes alive, the University of British Columbia women’s volleyball team needed to come to the Jack Simpson Gymnasium last weekend and take two games. It’s really too gosh-darn bad the Dinos got in the way. "It was awesome–totally awesome," said Dino standout Alisa Marriott after the home side swept… Continue reading Volleysaurs feast on flightless foes

Athletic council still debated

By Daorcey Le Bray

The University of Calgary Students’ Union and the Dinos Athletic Advisory Council are suffering from an on-again, off-again relationship. For almost a year, the SU has refused to recognize or support the DAAC. SU Vice-president Events Alix d’Archangelo was a member of DAAC when the SU elected to no longer recognize the athletic council, citing… Continue reading Athletic council still debated

Weekend Update: Women’s Volleyball

By Daorcey Le Bray

Although Trinity Western University’s women’s volleyball team has improved since their Canadian Intercollegiate Athletics Union debut last year, they still insist on claiming the last place in Canada West for their own. Pitted against the formidable Dinos last weekend, the Spartans maintained their ability to roll over and be spanked like a bad, bad donkey.… Continue reading Weekend Update: Women’s Volleyball