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Wikipedia embraced in the classroom

By Manal Sheikh

Wikipedia is unreliable for citing sources in university. Cite Wikipedia in an essay and you won’t be earning any bonus points with your professor. But some universities have decided to incorporate Wikipedia into course material. The Wikimedia Education Program has reached out to university students to check for “legitimacy, clarity and quality.” Professors participating in… Continue reading Wikipedia embraced in the classroom

Adopt-a-grandparent program makes the holidays better

By Manal Sheikh

T adopt-A-Grandparent program has been run by the Calgary Resource Centre for approximately four years. It relies on volunteers to ‘adopt’ a grandparent for the season to provide company and companionship to seniors. The volunteer pays a fee of $100 which goes towards filling a stocking for the grandparent. Volunteers also make once a week… Continue reading Adopt-a-grandparent program makes the holidays better

Spun: Adam Cohen

By Manal Sheikh

Adam Cohen’s third solo album is much more connected to his family tree than his previous works. In the style of his father, Leonard Cohen, Adam uses a nylon string guitar and his husky and melancholic voice to sing simple, sweet and poetic love songs dedicated, in part, to all his past girlfriends.Like a Man,… Continue reading Spun: Adam Cohen