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25 MB is all anyone needs

By Peter Stein

During those fruitful months of summer while students were away, a new e-mail quota was implemented at the University of Calgary. As of mid-August, students and staff will no longer be able to fill their inboxes with hundreds of e-mails without paying attention to their maximum disk space. Undergraduates are now only allowed 25 MB… Continue reading 25 MB is all anyone needs

Funk singer Slim Twig has the skinny on success

By Veronika Lancaster Deliyannakis

Slim Twig’s kind of a skinny guy. Though the name does well to describe his appearance, it also speaks to his music. Travelling with his tour band, the Mercy Mercenaries, Slim Twig is going on a bit of an adventure. It is his longest tour thus far and the band’s first out west. He says… Continue reading Funk singer Slim Twig has the skinny on success

Spun: The Waking Eyes

By Peter Hemminger

Take three press quotes: “A freakishly brilliant pop opus that engages the listener from the first minute to the very last.” “…share an intense curiosity about uncharted musical territory, but draw heavily from other artists and styles of the past. The result is a winding post-modernist pastiche of layered vocals, instrumental passages and sampled sounds… Continue reading Spun: The Waking Eyes

In celebrity we trust

By Greg Ellis

It comes with no great surprise that the worshipping of any-one seems distasteful. For religion we make an exception. Religion is an abstraction, a concept of God not fitting the molding of someone. Running into Danny Heatley, the NHL’s top up and coming star at a Subway Sandwich Shop at 3:30 a.m. provided tre-mendous observational… Continue reading In celebrity we trust

Speech makes case for Palestine

By Chris Beauchamp

With Campus Security, Students’ Union security personnel and Calgary Police on hand, the controversy surrounding a presentation by Middle East scholar Dr. Norman Finkelstein revolved more around the security precautions themselves than the content of his speech. The event, held in MacEwan Hall Sat., Apr. 3, was presented by the Palestinian-Canadian Student Society and was… Continue reading Speech makes case for Palestine

Controversial Middle East scholar coming

By Natalie Sit

Amidst the recent escalation events in the Middle East, a controversial scholar will speak Sat., Apr. 3 on the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and whether or not there is hope for peace. The Palestinian-Canadian Student Society is bringing Dr. Norman Finkelstein to campus. Despite being the son of two Holocaust survivors, Dr. Finkelstein is… Continue reading Controversial Middle East scholar coming

No one ever suspects the Butterfly

By Peter Hemminger

Dude, Where’s My Car? this ain’t. Instead we get Ashton Kutcher’s first attempt at serious drama, where child abuse, suicide, prostitution and prison rape are all par for the course. It’s pleasantly surprising that The Butterfly Effect isn’t as bad as most of the current crop of teen horrors, but it’s still no Exorcist.Kutcher, best… Continue reading No one ever suspects the Butterfly

News Briefs

By Natalie Sit

Grant MacEwan dies at 97 University of Calgary students may wonder about the connection between MacEwan Hall and the former Lieutenant-Governor who died Thursday, June 15. The student centre was named after Grant MacEwan, honouring his contribution to the university. MacEwan was an adjunct professor and taught a Western Canada history course. He often did… Continue reading News Briefs