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It’s raining Ken

By Katherine Fletcher

With several days left before classes officially begin, I will just take a moment to reflect on my summer: I worked, listened to The Cars a lot, fed my Junior Mints addiction, saw a few flicks, and suffered from bronchitis. When it came down to relaxing in front of the television, Pop-Up Video and Jeopardy!… Continue reading It’s raining Ken

Not just another teen movie

By Nicole Kobie

When Robert Cuffley’s publicist set up our interview at a coffee house in Kensington, he described the local director as bohemian with dark, mussed hair. I laughed–sounds like the typical independent filmmaker. However, I stopped laughing when I entered the shop, as that described nearly half the patrons. Luckily, he flagged me down so all… Continue reading Not just another teen movie