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The purloined letter

By Corky Thatcher

Dear Elouise,Greetings from the prairies! I know it has only been a couple of weeks since you left, but I really wanted to write. How are you? How’s life back in Toronto? I’m so glad you had a good time visiting here over Christmas. I’m happy to have a nice friend like you. There was… Continue reading The purloined letter

Order up!

By Erin Maduck

I am very troubled and confused about something. No, it is not school, a relationship, or any kind of hormonal outburst. I am disoriented about my general position in the work force.I have put in two long years of university education. Does this mean that I am moving up on the summer job ladder? Should… Continue reading Order up!

Postering violation

By Sadiq Javer

This year’s Students’ Union general election has been plagued by the removal and defacement of posters, and the distribution of illegal pamphlets.According to the SU poster policy, candidates are given certain guidelines to follow regarding the hanging of posters. The SU poster policy states: "No organization or person shall remove or cover a valid poster."Chief… Continue reading Postering violation

Guys aren’t the only ones with bitter balls

By Anne-Marie Bruzga

What’s your most humiliating moment? Mine came mere days before Valentine’s. While performing my ritualistic spring purse cleaning, I stumbled upon my secret stash of condoms. I was about to transfer them to yet another secret compartment, when I noticed the date: 01/99. It had only been 106 days pse (post-sexual encounter), but somehow between… Continue reading Guys aren’t the only ones with bitter balls

Registration Indignation

By Erin Maduck

There is only one person on this planet who possesses the ability to swiftly alter students’ moods in a matter of seconds. Although she is faceless, you know her, and you hate her. Blessed with insensitivity, selfishness, and an extremely cold heart, this woman is like the devil. The tone of her crisp voice is… Continue reading Registration Indignation

Oh yeah?

By Cheri Hanson

I’m sick of hearing about the evils of TV. When people say they never watch TV, it’s always with an air of superiority that implies their precious intellect would be tarnished by contact with that wonder of tubes, wires and satellite dishes. Well, I like to assume that people aren’t stupid. It’s wonderful to read,… Continue reading Oh yeah?

You should wannabe back

By Corky Thatcher

First Assignment: What I Did This SummerAhem! Mrs. Krabappel, fellow classmates:Well, May had arrived, and as usual things weren’t turning out the wayI’d planned. Since I wasn’t living a charmed life, fate eventually decidedI would have to work in the service industry this summer. Not giving upthat easily, I decided if it had to be… Continue reading You should wannabe back