Volunteer with the Gauntlet

We’re always looking for new volunteers. Our volunteers make it possible to publish the Gauntlet each week. No experience is required. Get in contact with us today to find out how you can help.

Here are some of the things you can do as a volunteer:

— Write articles for the sections described below – this is the biggest contribution we need
— Editing and fact checking
— Illustrations and comics
— Photography
— Graphics
— Website design and coding
— Marketing and promotion
— Become a section assistant, staff photographer or staff writer
— Apply to be hired for next year’s editor board and start running this show
Here’s why you might want to join us
— Gain invaluable journalism experience and training in print and online media. Remember, interviewing, media knowledge, clear and concise writing, editing, photography and website skills are important even if you don’t want to become a journalist.
— Build your published writing, illustration or photography portfolio
— Improve your writing, editing, illustration, and photography skills with hands-on training opportunities and workshops
— Learn industry-standard software such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator
— See your name in print
— Make new friends from across campus and have a great time
— Learn more about the university, campus life and Calgary
— Get great volunteer experience
— Enjoy free dinner for our hard-working volunteers every Wednesday night
— Four $500 scholarships are available each semester to keen volunteers

How to get started

—Come up to our office and see our editors in MacEwan Hall 319. That’s on the third floor above the Den and Black Lounge. You’ll start to see wood paneling and large signs saying, “Gauntlet.”
—Visit us on Wednesday evening to put your underappreciated editing skills to use, mingle with the Gauntlet staff, and have dinner with us
—There isn’t a specific time commitment, and you are free to volunteer as much or as little as you want. The best to get involved is to be keen and willing to learn.
—Email a section editor to find out how you can get started with an article or photo etc (see Contact page)
—For general volunteer inquiries, email our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@thegauntlet.ca

Here are the sections you can help with:

News: Arguably the most important section of the newspaper (by some), News offers accurate, hard-hitting coverage of student-related issues and events, such as tuition, political events, SU and administration policy, profiles and research. You will learn interview skills, clear writing and what makes for interesting news.

Entertainment: Covers theatre, film, books and music, simultaneously acting as critic and promoter of the arts. Entertainment runs previews of shows and album reviews. This is the place to head for free CDs, books, tickets to advance screenings of movies and celeb interviews.

Academic Probation (a.k.a. AP): AP is the humour section of the Gauntlet, where satire reigns supreme. Academic Probation offers news we only wish was real.

Features: A chance to write longer, more in-depth articles about diverse issues, Features offers experienced writers the chance to develop a story, experiment with layout and explore subjects in greater detail. Previous feature topics include urban sprawl, circumcision and food security.

Illustrations: Creativity abounds in Illustrations as expressive volunteers learn about drawing to deadline. Illustrations frequently appear in the Opinions section, but can also accompany sports articles and features.

Opinions: While News is free from writer bias, Opinions is all about the writer’s personal point of view, and how they support their argument. Tired of just ranting to your friends on Facebook? Get a larger soapbox.

Photo: Learn practical use of DSLR cameras and how to take and process photojournalistic photos. Come to our photo workshop every Friday at 2.

Sports: Sports covers the many successful and sometime unsuccessful athletic feats of the Dinos, along with commentary on professional leagues and some health and fitness coverage too.

Technology/production: If you want to write about the latest technology or video games, or the Internet, this section is for you. You can also learn the job of the production editor, who is responsible for the website and is very cool and attractive.

Graphics: Want to make cool computer-generated images or create info-graphics like graphs and timelines? Volunteer for graphics. You can also learn about how the ads are processed and put into the paper.