Wanted: aspiring politicians

By Robert Granger

Wanted: Aspiring politicians from the faculties of Education, Kinesiology and Social Work. Said folk are urged to apply for a position as a Student Academic Assembly Faculty Representative.

Students’ Union Chief Returning Officer Lia Rogers is eagerly awaiting the submission of declaration nominations (i.e., statement of candidacy).

“There are still many positions open as of today–we only had one nomination for Social Science and one for Science. That leaves Kinesiology, Education and Social Work open until Thursday and, if need be, Friday,” said Rogers. “On Friday, I have to close it all. I have to acclaim, announce if there are people running and declare vacant SU positions. The SU can then choose to appoint someone, but it depends on what Students’ Legislative Council wants to do. I just put up official notices, hire Deputy Returning Officers and run the election.”

The catch is that you have to be from the faculty in question in order to run or vote, so, for example, Science majors can’t compete in the race or cast their ballot for Kinesiology.

In other electoral news, there is currently a position open on the Student Life/Events commission, following Wesley Cocks’ resignation of a week ago. Unlike the SAA Faculty Rep election, there will be no by-election to fill this spot: it will be appointed by Vice-president Student Life Miki Stricker and the rest of the commission.

“The problem was that the Events Commissioner’s resignation came in after the deadline for declaration of nominations. The by-laws state that we can’t have a by-election,” said Stricker. The resignation came three days too late for a by-election to be planned.

The Events Commission is accepting applications starting Oct. 1.

So, if you’re up to it, why not toss in your hat and run for one of the above? After all, according to Stricker, “We encourage people who want to get involved with the SU to apply. We have the best commission and we have the most fun.”

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