Vanier shmanier–just gimme the Jug O’ Justice

By Gavin Schafer

It was hot. Those without hats or bottled water had only themselves to blame as they jostled for shade under the trees. Everyone on the hill next to the Stampeder’s practice field last Saturday rapidly grew numb to the blazing heat (not to mention the slow creeping wedgie one gets from sitting on an incline), as the University of Calgary Dinosaurs football squad flexed their muscles against a slightly older, wiser alumni team.

"Strengthening the Tradition," was the event slogan printed on the commemorative T-shirts, as it had been four years since the last such meeting of intergenerational talent, historically held at McMahon Stadium. The inclination was to blame Lilith Fair for the game’s new location, a location devoid of goal posts on the south side of the field which forced the teams to attempt two point conversions after touchdowns. Inconvenience, however didn’t stop the players in their quest to prove which of the powers, team Rub A-535 or team Wannacup would reign supreme.

Defensive end Jeff Sawchuk of the cream team was pleased with both fan and alumni player turnout.

"We got a good crowd out on Saturday, with lots of young guys playing for us," he remarked, pointing out that his team only ran a couple of less-than-serious practices and received their equipment the night before the game.

Experience seemed to be the difference, as the alumni team went on to win by one point, a 34-33 victory on a Greg Varvra touchdown pass to receiver Mike Freiter.

This turn of events didn’t surprise Sawchuk in the least. His experience is that alumni teams prove to be a substantial challenge, noting: "When we won the Vanier Cup in 1985, our toughest game all year was against the alumni, and they beat us!"

Hopefully this meeting will be seen more than just every four years, as tradition is an integral part of every legacy. Also, the narrow loss might prove to be a boon to the fresh Dinos group, allowing them to work out the bugs before they meet the Manitoba Bisons this coming Saturday. The game will mark the introduction of a new tradition that the Cheap Seats are glad to promote:

The Jug O’ Justice will be awarded to the Dinos player who most successfully doles out the appropriate punishment to a previously named opponent in dire need of attitude adjustment. For the Bisons game, a jug of frosty brew will be awarded to the player who most effectively takes running-back Craig Carr to Tune Town. Selecting the jug’s drinker will hopefully not be an easy job, but with the help of a rowdy crowd it should prove a fun one at least.

So get out to McMahon on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. and support your team. It’s free for students, it’s great football and the beer is cold and cheaper than at Stamps games.

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