The rush is on

By Carla Young

Clubs, clubs everywhere… or rather chalk pictures, painted rocks and a car?

This week is the annual Students’ Union Clubs Week where campus clubs can set up booths to entice students into joining their ranks. Creative options include chalking sidewalks, painting the rocks and if you’re an engineer, attaching cars to the Rock.

There are over 140 clubs on campus ranging from academic to social.

"The clubs have been divided into umbrella groups which are: ethnic/cultural, religious, sport/hobby, political, academic, special interest and fraternity," said su Vice-president Operations & Finance Amanda Affonso.

According to the President of aiesec Calgary Brenda Schroeder, clubs can broaden a student’s academic horizon "[Clubs] are one of the most essential things on campus for a student to get involved in," said Schroeder. "You gain skills through them beyond what your degree can give you."

SU Clubs Committee Chair Crystal Yu concurred.

"Clubs can oVer a variety of benefits to students including meeting students with similar interests, networking, supporting worthwhile causes and staying alive" said Yu.

U of C Ski Club Senior Executive Clarissa Von Stetten said clubs can go even further.

"The clubs are a better way to get good deals and more information," said Von Stetten, adding that ski trips were one such example.

Clubs use SU Clubs Week to promote themselves to students.

"It’s our main way to sign up members," said Von Stetten. "We sign up 500-600 members during clubs week and at our keg party."

"Clubs week and the clubs supplement are examples of the SU trying to provide clubs with the support they need," said SU External Commssioner and Clubs Committee member Robert South. "The SU is devoting more resources to clubs than in years past."

Schroeder agreed that Clubs Week gives clubs strength in numbers.

"One club trying to get its name out there is very difficult; with Clubs Week students are able to see the number of clubs," said Schroeder. "It gives clubs exposure."

"It’s not a difficult process, in fact all the steps are laid out in the pamphlet," said Affonso. "If you have any questions you can stop by the SU and ask for Crystal the Clubs Chair, or myself and we can help you if you have any questions."

You can contact Crystal Yu, Clubs Committee Chair at 220-2233 and SU Vice-president Operations & Finance Amanda Affonso at 220-6551.

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