Columnist clubbed to death

By Corky Thatcher

Carleton University in Ottawa welcomes their frosh students to campus life with a week-long party which includes wearing funny, spray-painted t-shirts, ridiculous games, and lots of drinking. Yes, drinking-focused events-the lowest common denominator kind that despite apprehensions, make you begin to feel connected and accepted into an intimidating new group. Hey, it’s no U of… Continue reading Columnist clubbed to death

Let the games begin

By Jan Creaser

In its wake, Engineering Week leaves us able to eat our chow mein without the threat of a tennis ball bombardment and the disturbing knowledge that Darr Maqbool went for $350 at the bachelor auction. However, don’t fret over the lack of weekly entertainment; the administration god has outlined its plan for us all in… Continue reading Let the games begin

The finer points of battle

By Mary Chan

The Students’ Union approved a motion to allocate $30,000 toward legal fees related to the tuition fight at Tuesday’s Students’ Legislative Council meeting. But they’re not filing anything-at least not yet.By the end of the week, SU President Paul Galbraith intends to send a letter to Minister of Advanced Education and Career Development Clint Dunford… Continue reading The finer points of battle

Rectus protectus

By Ryan Pelletier

Have you ever questioned the security or privacy of your graded papers being returned to you in a box outside your department office? Due to a Sept. 1 proclamation date for the implementation of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for post-secondary students, essay boxes will become a thing of the past.… Continue reading Rectus protectus

Club coffers short

By Kim Stock

Since the beginning of September, confusion has surrounded the activities of the Education Students’ Association. Issues surrounding financial and constitutional matters continue to surface as questions and concerns remain unanswered.It was discovered recently that $340 of ESA Christmas Party Funds are unaccounted for. Following this discovery, ESA Vice-president Finance Cathy Zander was suspended from her… Continue reading Club coffers short

Worried about performance?

By Michael Leung

Imagine being tagged, named and coded by a number. Suppose this single, solitary figure represents your intelligence and your ability. Consider that this number represents years of your work; it is the culmination of hours of study. Picture that number as more important than your very name. This number may even determine your potential career.… Continue reading Worried about performance?

Registration Indignation

By Erin Maduck

There is only one person on this planet who possesses the ability to swiftly alter students’ moods in a matter of seconds. Although she is faceless, you know her, and you hate her. Blessed with insensitivity, selfishness, and an extremely cold heart, this woman is like the devil. The tone of her crisp voice is… Continue reading Registration Indignation

Consulting tuition

By Mary Chan

More is known about the Students’ Union’s decision to pull out of tuition consultation with the University of Calgary. In early December, the Students’ Legislative Council voted in favour of pulling out of the consultation process, citing a lack of results from previous years’ consultations as the main reason. SU President Paul Galbraith offered several… Continue reading Consulting tuition