Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any spine?

By Jan Creaser

There’s a general conception among Political Science majors that anybody outside the department should not be allowed to vote in any type of election. We, the politically uneducated, apparently do not have the knowledge to make coherent decisions regarding the future of municipalities, provinces and countries. In other words, democracy should only extend to those… Continue reading Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any spine?

Guys aren’t the only ones with bitter balls

By Anne-Marie Bruzga

What’s your most humiliating moment? Mine came mere days before Valentine’s. While performing my ritualistic spring purse cleaning, I stumbled upon my secret stash of condoms. I was about to transfer them to yet another secret compartment, when I noticed the date: 01/99. It had only been 106 days pse (post-sexual encounter), but somehow between… Continue reading Guys aren’t the only ones with bitter balls

Survey says…

Do you intend on voting in the upcoming Students’ Union election? (in per cent) yes 44.2 no 47.1 Don’t know/not sure 8.7 Do you agree or disgree that the Gauntlet should endorse candidates in the SU election? (in per cent) Strongly disagree 30.1 Somewhat disagree 16.6 Neither disagree nor agree 14.5 Somewhat agree 26.9 Strongly… Continue reading Survey says…

Academic Commission

By Phil McCakken

Fortunately, all the academic commisioners were acclaimed. This means less work for the lazy.. I mean hard working editors of eG. See the news archives for more info, or the Election ’99 coverage..

Op-Fi Commission

By Carla Young

The Operations & Finance Commissioners’ role is to carry out the duties of the Vice-president Operations and Finance as well as handling clubs and conference funding.The candidates for the Op-Fi Commission are competing for four positions. The candidates are Jane Alkhouri, Mike Hardcastle, Fouad Jomaa, Matt Lauzon, and Kirstyn Nay. Jane Alkhouri, who hopes students… Continue reading Op-Fi Commission

Events Commission

By Ricardo Urbina

This year, seven candidates are running for the position of Events Commissioner. Unfortunately, only four lucky contestants will win the coveted prize behind door number two. The prize in this case, however, demands fulfilling many responsibilities in return. The job of an Events Commissioner basically entails assisting the Students’ Union Vice-president Events on various activities… Continue reading Events Commission