Board of Governors Rep


One of the less hyped, yet key positions featured in the 1999 Students’ Union General Election is the student-at-large representative to the Board of Governors. The student-at-large carries the students’ voice to the highest governing body of the university; the BoG has final say on such money matters as tuition increases and prof salaries.

There are three candidates running for the BoG rep position and the common issue between all candidates is tuition, although they each have different plans of action.
Jeffrey Damberger is looking forward to working with the board, not against them to examine university spending practices and find alternatives, if any, to tuition increases and differential fees.

"I am sick of seeing our best professors leave," commented Damberger. "I am for raising the salaries of professors, as well as updating our severely outdated textbooks."

Anthony Leoni takes a stronger standpoint on tuition saying that, through extensive work with Advanced Education and Career Development Minister Clint Dunford, and Alberta Treasurer Stockwell Day, the tuition cap should be lowered from its present position of 30 per cent to 25 per cent.

"I will work hard to protect student interests," said Leoni. "I also want clubs to have more freedom to hold events where alcohol is involved and to ensure that the MacEwan Hall expansion is finished."

Pat Lindsay says he has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon, including research policies and papers for the SU and working for University Public Affairs. He is against any further tuition hikes, since students currently pay approximately 50 per cent of their tuition when mandatory fees and a full course load are included.

"I have a broad knowledge of student issues," said Lindsay. "I will be a very effective student voice, speaking about many issues not just tuition."

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