Op-Fi Commission

By Carla Young

The Operations & Finance Commissioners’ role is to carry out the duties of the Vice-president Operations and Finance as well as handling clubs and conference funding.

The candidates for the Op-Fi Commission are competing for four positions. The candidates are Jane Alkhouri, Mike Hardcastle, Fouad Jomaa, Matt Lauzon, and Kirstyn Nay.

Jane Alkhouri, who hopes students will feel comfortable enough to approach her with their concerns, feels that her experience with a number of campus clubs will aid her in the position of Op-Fi Commissioner.

"I’m involved in different aspects of student life. Last December, I ran the Food Drive clubs challenge for Alpha Gamma Delta which came in second place raising $4,017," said Alkhouri. "I held four offices within my fraternity’s chapter which include: Public Relations Chairman, Publicity Chairman, Philanthropy Chairman and VP Campus Relations."

Mike Hardcastle feels that clubs are important to both the university and students and would like to see the funding to campus clubs increased.

"I am hoping that with increased funds, more clubs will be able to appeal to more university students," said Hardcastle who emphasizes that the primary role of an Op-Fi Commissioner is to help and support the VP of Op-Fi.

Fouad Jomaa would like to see the representation that students receive in the current Students’ Legislative Council improved upon and feels that he can offer students better representation.

"I feel that we should be increasing funding for the student body," said Jomaa.
"Every year, the budgets for the Club’s Committee and the Travel and Conference budget are constrained to a minimal amount. These budgets should be given much more money for things that students really need."

Matt Lauzon, who promises to focus on the needs of students and clubs, wishes to ensure the SU optimizes its resource allocation so that money is spent responsibly and fairly.

"I think it is important that we finally go through with the renovations and expansion that we have been talking about for so long," said Lauzon. "If that is not possible, then I think we should move toward abolishing the contributions that students make each year."

Kirstyn Nay was not available for comment.

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