Stellar but not perfect

By Cory Vo

It must be difficult for visitors to associate Calgary with its "Cow Town" nickname if they happened to be at the opening night of Carmen on Saturday, Mar. 22. This is the third production in the 27th season of the Calgary Opera. The opening night, with its natural hype, was further propelled by the enthusiasm… Continue reading Stellar but not perfect

Confusing lingo

By Colleen Seta

"Huh?" This was my recurring thought as I watched Beautiful Lake Winnipeg. In the second week of its run at the Pleiades Theatre, the play is one that goes on and on and on. Showcasing people suffering from a depraved human condition, the performance centres on a couple who "get high" by playing mental games… Continue reading Confusing lingo

Fantasy come true

By Ian Richards

Annoyed by having to watch local "personalities," Carter Brown and Angela Kokot blunder their way through the introductions to the press screening of 20 Dates, I expected the worst from this unheralded, low-budget film the Buzz editors had thrown at my feet like unwanted slaughterhouse remnants. Was I ever wrong. 20 Dates is one of… Continue reading Fantasy come true

Women rule

By Agam Darshi

Women rule. We can say this now, but try expressing this sentiment in 16th century England. Even the strongest of women had difficulty asserting their power in such a male dominated society. There has been a recent revival of English historical dramas where the lives of strong women have been examined. The movies Elizabeth and… Continue reading Women rule

Why all the flag waving?

By Brian Low

Nationalism confuses me. It doesn’t take much to confuse me, really, so perhaps I should further qualify that statement. Try as I might, I just can’t understand the nationalistic urges that work people into such a frenzy that they’re willing to undertake unspeakable atrocities against their fellow man. When I read about the stuff going… Continue reading Why all the flag waving?

Everybody wants an audience

By Erin Maduck

People find different ways to express love. Some couples radiate love by exercising especially intense stares. Others buy lavish gifts. Many partners show appreciation through simple, physical gestures, and the rest might even have enough courage to state explicitly how they feel. But among all of these acceptable methods of mushy, romantic interaction lies only… Continue reading Everybody wants an audience

You’re never too young

By Brian Low

There have been a number of changes to the Young Offenders Act proposed by Liberal Justice Minister Anne McLellan. Some of them are good. Giving judges more options in sentencing is an example of this. It seems reasonable that judges know better than lawmakers what is the most appropriate punishment for those who have broken… Continue reading You’re never too young