Coverage Lacking

Editors, the Gauntlet:

My boyfriend has played for the Dinosaurs for three years, which is why I read the Gauntlet sports section. At Þrst I was disappointed with the coverage this year because it seemed so irreverent. I grew to like it, though, because I found the topics interesting and enjoyed the writers’ commentary. The Cheap Seats really made the reader feel part of the event, but I still don’t like the name.

Recently, even this has been missing from your sports section, which has become generic and boring. The writers do not write well, and do not even seem to know about their sports. As a sports fan, I thought it might not be good to write into the student newspaper, but the Gauntlet is the only place for university fans to read about their teams. This coverage should be interesting and well written. I am writing to express my concern that the coverage could change so drastically within only a few months. I hope you can do something to make it better. This school’s athletes work hard to represent their school. This should be reþected in the content of the student news-

K. Wilson

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