Profs graded online: Teaching evaluations on the infonet deemed “very useful”

By Bonnie Leung

Have you been online lately? If so, you might have seen the results of last fall’s Students’ Union standardized teaching evaluations, posted three weeks ago.

Access to Fall 1998 teaching evaluations is available though the Infonet Services Menu at However, ratings for winter session will not be available until Sept. 15.

According to SU Vice-president Academic Heather Clitheroe, the teaching evaluations were very successful.

“As with any new system, implementation has proved to hold its own special challenges,” she said. “But given both the response to the teaching evaluations and the success of the online access, I think that we’ve managed to achieve a lot. I’m pleased to be able to continue working with the USRI team.”

U of C Director of Planning Dr. Barbara Samuels agreed with Clitheroe.

“From the feedback, I think the students are finding [the website] very useful,” Samuels said. “It’s also shown us we have very good teaching at Calgary. It’s something we should all be quite proud of.”

Clitheroe also added that although it was a new experience for the university, there were few problems.

“Students are pleased to see a standard evaluation that speaks to specific areas,” said Clitheroe.

Due to the positive response, the su plans to implement teaching evaluations again next year.

“With each successive semester students will become more and more familiar with the systems, and use them to their benefit,” said Clitheroe.

The response from students regarding the online teaching evaluations has been mixed.

“It’s easy to read,” said second-year General Studies student Pamela Minocha. “I like it because it gives students the opportunity to see how the professors are rated by their students.”

Others are less enthusiastic.

“Did I use it?” asked second-year General Studies student Edwin Whang. “I didn’t even know there was one.”

“It was too long,” said second-year General Studies student Anna Hoang. “I just wanted: good or not good.”

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