Simply smashing

By Bebe Vocong

Here Comes the Bride, the Spin
Doctors’ latest album could not be a more appropriate title for this
New York band’s fourth effort. It is the name of the first track
on the CD and epitomizes the music and new image of this Grammy-nominated
band. "Something old/… something new/… something borrowed/and
something blue."

The old elements of the band are still there—drummer Aaron Comess
and lead singer Chris Barron’s ever recognizable vocals. It’s
been three years since their last album You’ve Got to Believe in
Something, but most of us only remember them from their multi-platinum
Pocket Full of Kryptonite released in 1991.

Luckily, "Bride" is not as overbearing as their first album.
Their signature rock style and Barron’s zany lyrics are still very
prominent on this album. However, the new addition of guitarist Eran Tabib
and legendary keyboardist Ivan Neville to the Spin Doctors’ ensemble
have brought a new musical perspective to the mix. Their influence can
be heard especially on the track "Wow," which was co-written
and sung by Neville.

Listening to Bride brings to mind other styles of music, perhaps because
the Spin Doctors’ musical style draws from jazz, funk, pop, rap,
and even Latin grooves. Catchy pop tunes like "Vampires in the Sun"
and "Fisherman’s Delight" contrast the lyrically darker,
Beatnik-like "Dodging Assassins." Borrowed elements from by
The Ink Spots gives "Waiting for the Blow" a unique and groovy

Bride is like a wedding reception; the beginning is loud and full of energy,
and slowly as the CD progresses the songs get more mellow. The album wraps
up nicely after 14 tracks with a sweet and gentle "Tomorrow Can Pay
the Rent."

However, without much hype or anticipation, this "Bride" will
most likely be overlooked this summer, which is a shame. Lyrically, Bride
is more quirky, and the music is more original than what is playing on
the airwaves. There are no mushy ballads or dance beats on this album,
but it is a gem nevertheless.

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