AIESEC Calgary scores Canadian bid

By R. Paul Dyck

Student-run AIESEC of Canada is planning to take on the world, and hopes Calgary can help them do it.

On Sept. 11, AIESEC of Canada chose its University of Calgary chapter to represent Canada in its bid for AIESEC’s International Congress in Aug. 2002.

"This has been a great experience for all involved," said Bid Coordinator Adrian Sia Lu. "We worked hard to put forth Calgary’s best against tough competition."

The announcement marked the climax of a six-month bidding process, at the end of which a 30 page proposal was delivered to the AIESEC of Canada Board of Directors.

"The whole local committee was involved and had to do research on different aspects of the bid," said Sia Lu. "Basically, it had to explain the benefits Calgary would bring to the conference."

According to Sia Lu, the International Congress is a 10 day event where 600 delegates from around the world meet and discuss issues relevant to AIESEC International.

"The IC is an opportunity for us to look at where we’ve come from and where we’re going," he said. "We’ll be setting goals for 2010 and implementing goals across the world."

AIESEC is an international student-run organization found on university campuses around the world which seeks to develop students through international work exchange.

"We manage a work exchange program where companies get to interact with international students," said Sia Lu. "We send students away to get a similar experience abroad."

The International Congress establishes goals to aid AIESEC chapters in meeting these ends.

"It will be a 10 day congress with lots of subcommittees to study different issues relevant to AIESEC today," said Sia Lu. "The IC will deal with issues such as how we can improve relations with students."

Next on the committee’s agenda is creating another proposal based on guidelines from AIESEC International. Calgary’s bid will compete with those from other nations around the world.

"It will be an exciting next couple of months, and indeed years, for AIESEC in Canada as we prepare to bring IC back to Canada," said AIESEC Canada President Da Li.

Sia Lu hopes the opportunity to host the IC will increase student use of AIESEC services in Calgary.

"The IC is a great opportunity for us to establish ourselves as a leading organization in the city," said Sia Lu. "It’s a chance for us to gain credibility and recognition in the business community."

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