Do you know your alcohol?

By Mary Chan

University of Calgary students saw mocktails, AADAC and a tuition’s worth of beer this week as Alcohol Awareness Week took place.

"Alcohol Awareness Week is a campaign aimed toward students to show them the dangers associated with drinking," said Students’ Union Events commissioner Evan Truman. "The goal is to spread awareness that people have to take responsibility for their actions before drinking."

The week began on Tuesday as organizations such as the Alberta Alcohol & Drug Abuse Commission set up booths in MacEwan Student Centre and a year’s tuition’s worth of beer (represented by 153 empty 24-packs) was displayed.

The highlight of Wednesday’s activities was the mocktail competition, where clubs made non-alcoholic cocktails for a panel of three judges.

"The mocktail competition today went great," said SU Vice-president Events Jared Lorenz. "Evan Truman has done a fantastic job coordinating all of this."

The Health Outreach Team, which promotes general health and well being on campus, is also involved.

"We did the chalk outlines on the pathways and we painted the Rock," said hot member Aida Sadr. "We have a booth, and we also distributed [posters] to the clubs as well."

Other activities this week include a Checkstop bus, which students can tour.

"Thursday we’ll have the Checkstop bus set up outside in the afternoon so people can see what it’s all about," said Lorenz. "On Thursday night, you can get a breathalyzer test outside the Den."
Alcohol Awareness Week also features a Hands Off campaign, which aims to reduce drinking and driving (hands off the wheel) and sexual harassment (hands off other people).

"There’s a poster with hands, and each person signs a hand," said Sadr. "By doing that you’re pledging to drink responsibly."
Members of the SU and hot will go around campus with the posters in the next few days. The week wraps up with a party at the Blue Banana Lounge Friday night.

"We have a couple of performers, Alien Rebels and Washboard Hank, busting out their own style of funky tunes in the midst of a Hawaiian atmosphere," said Truman. "You’ll find me behind the bar slinging smoothies."

"The whole idea behind Friday is to have an event where people have the option not to drink, so they’re aware that option is always open to them," added Lorenz.

For more information, contact the SU at 220-6551.

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