Everything is Matthew Good Band

By Shalini Gupta

Most people wish for fame and fortune in their teen years, but the Matthew Good band have been lucky enough to have that wish come true, even though it happened later in their lives. They have learned to cope with the lifestyle of a musician, to become role models and to value their long-awaited success.

Being in control of the rest of their lives is the main concern at this point for this chart-topping band. They recently attained platinum status with their third album, Beautiful Midnight in a mere 29 days.

"We are just going to enjoy our success and the charmed life that we lead," says guitarist Dave Genn.

They love to play rock and roll and they are content to do that for the rest of their lives, even if their music does not reach the other recesses of the world.

The band is planning to start at the bottom of the music industry food chain in the us in the new year after moderate success in Canada. Hopefully, the notoriety of this band, renowned for their gritty guitar and Matt Good’s outspoken nature, will propel them into the us market.

Good is known for his heart-felt and strong opinions. He is about to release Black Market Surgery, a book that reveals his manifestos from the last couple of years. He discusses his thoughts and beliefs and some analogies, becoming a role model for many.

"This is entirely Matt’s baby," insists Genn.

"Having opinions is important and we are old enough to have formed opinions about just about everything, we didn’t just fall off the rock truck yesterday," says Genn.

Don’t be misled, the life of the musician is not all chicks and cars. Genn indicates that the majority of their time on the road is spent sight-seeing the local bars they play in and hunting for decent food. The band meet a lot of young female fans, and although they do enjoy socializing, Genn admits "it is a little easy to lose track of the plot, so we like to keep old friends around to keep us grounded."

Playing in familiar haunts also helps humble them, as they believe they must have played in Calgary at least a dozen times. After their recent completion of the Edgefest circuit, the band has decided to continue to tour with fellow Edgefest veterans, Moist, and both will be joining us on Dec. 4 at the Max Bell arena.

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