Don’t judge The Loss by their cover

By Marcela Salamanca

Looks can be deceiving for any band–they either draw an audience in or send them screaming for the hills. However, it’s important to always remember the music is what matters.

The Loss seem like a mismatch in the world of music. Firstly, they are a small, Calgary band that’s been together since 1997. Secondly, their attitude towards drinking and music can throw anyone into believing they’re not worthy of attention. Lastly, their individuality makes it hard to believe that they can even work together and sound good.

The Loss admit that music isn’t the glamour Hollywood makes it out to be. "Building a large fan base is tough, it takes time," says Mike Henderson. Kelly Palmer agrees, "There really aren’t that many places for local bands to play."

Despite these drawbacks, The Loss have managed to get people out to their shows and make them fans. Once you’ve seen them play, there is no question in your mind that they know music, feel music and enjoy making music.

Their motto of "hard drinkers with a music problem" can make anyone believe that they’re not serious, but the group agrees their comical aura brings reality to their music. Their humour is a complete opposite to their music–they play songs that are intense, deep and loud but their personalities would never attest to that.

"Life is not just three and a half minutes of feeling happy… there’s another side to it," explains Palmer.

Looking at The Loss as individuals shows the great deal of teamwork between the group. Peter Wootliff, dressed in velvet from head to toe, plays a slightly serious role in the group. Henderson fits into the part of a big teddy bear and Palmer seems to be a mixture of the two. However, their common love for laughing and having fun makes it possible for The Loss to work.

"We enjoy what we’re doing," is all Mike has to say. This is the very reason why The Loss are able to put out music that’s influenced by Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, John Lee Hooker, and Eric Clapton.

Their transformation on stage is absolutely amazing. The comical antics and laughter are replaced by serious lyrics and intense guitar, drum and bass. This is where everyday life is forgotten and music becomes all that matters. Their passion for performing leaves those who know them in absolute awe.

So, next time you’re out shopping for a band deserving of your ears, make sure to remember that just because they’re local doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to offer.

If you want to enjoy The Loss, they’ll be playing at Java Sharks on Jan. 29th.



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