CPO is a local treasure

By Christine Kirk

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: “The symphony, cheap” Feb. 3, 2000A recent review of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra is “by no means Canada’s greatest” journalistic effort. It displayed incredible ignorance towards classical music and musicians.Reading the article in question, I felt very angry that such a badly researched article, so full of ignorant accusations and outright falsehoods… Continue reading CPO is a local treasure

A means to justify an end

By Megan Hope

Editors, the Gauntlet, This is a response to Robert Granger’s uninformed article in last week’s Gauntlet. He falsely accused RAK of being, "clamorous witch-hunters." He wrote this in reaction to what he thought was an unwarranted protest at the Board of Governors meeting. Granger’s insinuation that the BoG have no control over tuition and in… Continue reading A means to justify an end

Down home hypocrisy

By Brian Low

Farmers are an interesting lot. Most of them (on the prairies at least), subscribe strongly to right-wing politics. They support the Ralph Kleins and Mike Harrises of the nation. They wish they could still store loaded weapons on the rear window of their pick-up trucks. They don’t even blink when you talk about privatizing health… Continue reading Down home hypocrisy

Choking the corridors

By Cameron Baughen

Currently a development is being proposed in the Spray Lakes region that has the potential to reduce or destroy the bear population in the Bow Valley indefinitely. The proposal, put forward by Genesis Land Developments, will be located on the south end of the Spray Lake reservoir and calls for a luxury hotel, golf course,… Continue reading Choking the corridors

The path of least resistance [lead me on…]

By Dave McLean

Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose an education. Choose a family. Choose a big fucking student loan, choose eating, laundry, utility bills and electrical malfunctions with your home computer… choose acs 5 and wonder what the fuck you’re doing at school on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting in the Atrium, watching mind-numbing,… Continue reading The path of least resistance [lead me on…]

It’s time for true representation at the U of C

By Stephanie Garrett

I write this letter not simply in criticism of Rob South, the rest of the Students’ Union, and the Board of Governors, but also in criticism of all those apathetic students on campus who refuse to educate themselves on the issue of education.Over the past couple of weeks, a lot has happened as the "tuition… Continue reading It’s time for true representation at the U of C

Shooting craps at the dawn of time

By Jason Gillespie

In his attempt to prove the existence of God using science, Dr. Ott’s lecture was impassioned. It was also misinformed and incorrect, filled with the same tired arguments that Creationists and pseudo-scientists have used for a long time. Those of you who have read Michael Shermer’s 1997 book Why People Believe Weird Things immediately recognized… Continue reading Shooting craps at the dawn of time