SU to admin: MYOB

By Anne-Marie Bruzga

University administration was accused of interfering with Students’ Union business at Tuesday’s Student Legislative Council meeting.

While discussing SU President Rob South’s conduct at Friday’s Board of Governor’s meeting, Vice-president Operations and Finance Amanda Affonso publicly admitted that relations with administration were strained.

"I don’t think it’s fair the way Exec[utive] and the SU staff have been treated since Friday," said Affonso. "Administration thinks Exec set [South] up [for a] fall."

After the meeting, Affonso was not specific about incidents, but went further to say that administration had no business getting involved with internal SU politics. She said that it would not affect the ability of the SU to represent students, however.

"I don’t answer to administration," echoed VP Academic Heather Clithroe. "I answer to students."

University of Calgary President Terry White denied administration was mistreating the SU.

"I’m not aware of anyone in Administration, in the President’s or vice-presidents’ offices, who holds that opinion [that South was set up]," said White.

South said he’s made an effort to address the problems his VPs claim to be experiencing.

"I told a lot of people in administration that Exec did not set me up for a fall," said South. "I started to tell them and I will continue to do so. Understand, emotions about this issue are not just felt by students, but felt by a lot of people on campus."

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