Reader disgusted by offensive TLF, Gauntlet hypocrisy

By Joy Norstrom

Just a short note to share with you my disgust, at, what I would hope was a simple "oversight."

How noble and honourable, your reminders on both pages 9 and 10 of the Feb. 3 Gauntlet edition about "no sexist, racist, or homophobic submissions" being printed in either the three lines free or letters to the editor. Is this where you draw the line? All other ‘isms’ acceptable?

Apparently it appears so.

I for one did not appreciate the derogatory joke about persons with epilepsy which appeared in the Three Lines Free. Here we are at the beginning of the 21st century, and we still think it’s fine to have a good laugh at the expense of someone else, just because they are different than us. Developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, and psychotic disorders are not funny. The devastating effects of such conditions are profound for people who live everyday of their life with such conditions. Must we be a part of this with stupid jokes?

Do all of us a favour and screen your three lines free a little more carefully.

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