The Days Inbetween — Blue Rodeo

By David Kenney

Thirteen years and nine albums later, Blue Rodeo is, well, still blue.

On The Days Inbetween, Canada’s favourite balladeers breeze by with many last-dance sleepers for the loved and the jaded.

Unlike 1997’s Tremolo though, not all is sad or weepy. Days sees the boys kick up a rockabilly fuss loaded with spite and puss.

Songs like "Begging You to Let Me In" and the title track are enough to light a cigarette to. Then add "Cinema Song" and "Andrea" and there’s the ashtray.

Jaded lover gems boast themselves out of Greg Keelor, with all the sarcasm and hoarseness his voice can muster.

And once again, Mr. Downey-soft himself, Jim Cuddy, breathes letters to himself in more pain than Mike Tyson’s latest opponent.

Days is no knockout but it’s close. And being inbetween isn’t bad, especially if it’s Blue Rodeo.

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