Scream 3 doesn’t measure up

By Marcela Salamanca

If you thought Scream 2 was just like Scream, then low and behold… Scream 3 offers nothing new. The plot offers no new twists and the ending leaves much to be desired. Sadly, Scream 3 will not make you scream out of fright, but make you laugh uncontrollably.

Randy, remember him? He’s the weird film buff that gets killed in Scream 2. He knew the rules of filmaking. Apparently, Wes Craven does not. There are some basic elements that should be present in horror films for them to be successful. This does not just mean in the box office, but in how much fear the audience walks away with. There are four basic rules that Scream 3 does not follow:

Rule 1: Horror films are supposed to be scary. They are supposed to make your hair stand on end and drive you crazy with fear. Scream 3 will not scare you. It will not frighten you in the least and it will definitely not give you nightmares. This is likely due to the extremely predictable plot. There is not a single moment in the film that holds any potential of fear. And when you begin to think, “Okay, now I’m getting scared” somehow, the movie turns on you and makes you wonder, “Okay, I should have seen Scream, then I would have saved myself eight whole dollars.”

Rule 2: Horror films should be suspenseful. They should have twists and turns that make everyone and anyone the suspect. There is not one single moment of suspense in this supposed horror film. Again, since the plot of Scream 3 was done in Scream and Scream 2, there is no possible way for this sad attempt at horror to be suspenseful.

Rule 3: The characters in the movie should be believable. Stereotypes have no room in horror films. It takes originality and innovation to bring fear into the eyes of the viewer. The whole “vengeful madman” murderer has been done, and the revolving bookcases/hidden tunnels are ancient.

Rule 4: The acting should be real and not over- rehearsed. David Arquette and Courtney Cox Arquette are prime examples of complete cheesiness; their acting is a complete farce. Dewey is completely comical, even in his heroic moments and Gale’s attempt at reforming from a life of bitchiness is pretty pitiful. And Neve, honey, your whole “suffering beauty” act is getting old.

Unfortunately, the Scream trilogy is nothing more than a mockery of true horror. It is more predictable than ever and it is more overdone than before (there is nothing like fake stabbing sounds to create fear). And how can one forget about the classic “tie them up and use them as bait” scenario. Scream 3 is fit for the 99 cent rentals aisle… or for some night that requires immense amounts of laughter.


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