You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

By Brian Low

Last week, amid a great deal of fanfare, a new Canadian political party was born–the Canadian Alliance. Narrowly avoiding becoming the first party in Canada to have a naughty acronym, the Canadian Alliance seeks to offer conservative-minded voters a right-wing alternative to the governing Liberal party. It will be interesting to see what comes of… Continue reading You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

Athletics levy unjust and other sentiments

By David Bird

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: Dinos’ Athletic Advisory Council Decision to raise fees 50 per cent in two years     The Dinos’ Athletic Advisory Council has approved a recommendation to raise the Athletics fee $6.50 this year and a further $6.50 for the following year. I find the process and decision made by this committee to be undemocratic and… Continue reading Athletics levy unjust and other sentiments

Lament for the typewriter

By Editorial

There is no place in this world for a Renaissance man," I remarked as the dental hygienist shot deadly nanorays through my jaw."And what is it with these people and their weird obsession with my teeth?"The streaming muzak background only strengthened my argument: technology, once our friend, serves as the new master of unconscious alienation.I… Continue reading Lament for the typewriter

Gauntlet can’t agree

By Editorial

For a Dinos Athletics fee increase      The $6.50 increase in the Dinos athletics levy leaves students with one less cup of coffee per month. So why all the hubbub?Maybe it’s because they didn’t get to valiantly cast their greedy ballot. Maybe students are tired of being sucked dry. Or they see little need for the… Continue reading Gauntlet can’t agree

Dinos outmatched at CIAU tournament

By Mike Flach

While the University of Alberta Golden Bears were busy repeating their ciau championship in Saskatoon last weekend, the young Dinos men’s hockey team lost to both the Université de Québec á Trois-Rivieres Patriotes and the champion Bears. Despite outshooting their opponents in both games, the Dinos failed to connect enough times to win. While staying… Continue reading Dinos outmatched at CIAU tournament

50 years of civil war

By Rhia Perkins

Human rights atrocities and widespread violence are daily occurrences in Colombia. In fact, for the last 50 years, life in this country has been so typified by civil war, the country has earned the moniker of "Most Violent Country in the Western Hemisphere." Reports suggest dozens of people are killed each day and frequent threats… Continue reading 50 years of civil war

The CIAU is nice, but there’s nothing like

By Garreth Reeder

NCAA vs. CIAU? No contest. Last month, the CIAU basketball playoffs came and went, with little fanfare. TSN picked up the men’s and women’s final, but the playoffs received little press attention. The NCAA tournament, on the other hand, is a network bonanza–games can be found on several Canadian networks and the nightly news is… Continue reading The CIAU is nice, but there’s nothing like