Mytown – Self-titled

By Bo Rhodes

Oh my gawd! They are like, so dreamy! Mytown is yet another boy band in an oh-so long line of all-male groups. With their self-titled release, Mytown has accomplished something that few other boy-bands have yet to do. This Irish quartet has written the majority of the songs which appear on this disc.

Although the beats are catchy– listeners will most likely find themselves embarrassingly tapping their toes–Mytown does nothing to distinguish themselves from the already over-saturated pop market. Bands such as the Backstreet Boys, 98ΒΌ and n’sync have already treaded down this path and have done it far better.

The sugar-coated lyrics flow ad naseum with such catchy lines as, She was just a young girl/With the mind of a queen, ("Body Bumpin’") and When touched her I felt her sadness/While we were kissing it was pure madness ("Girl in Tears"). Sigh.

For those who enjoy the genre, Mytown will meet all their requirements. As for the rest of the populace with more discerning tastes, Mytown will simply be another passing fad in the ever-deepening rut of boy-bands.

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