Suicide Pact — You First — Therapy?

By Shawn Hoult

Although nobody is entirely certain, most scientists believe that grunge died sometime in November during the cold winter of 1996. However, it looks like the scientists were wrong as Therapy? dishes out grunge in a way nobody has since Starbucks took over Seattle.

On their newest album, the cleverly titled Suicide Pact-You First, Therapy? manages to combine all of the best elements of death metal and REM. The resulting album is a surprisingly catchy collection of diverse songs almost unheard of in the recently bland world of hard rock.

The opening track "He’s Not That Kind Of Girl" is an infectious fusion of metal and funk, and sets the pace for the rest of the album. From the opening track, Therapy? make it clear that they are going to provide a textured style of rock that is both intelligent and fun.

Although every track on the album is solid, the hauntingly pretty "God Kicks" is the highlight, with its funny-but-true chorus of "God kicks with both feet and he leaves his shoes on."

Suicide Pact-You First, provides a reminder that rock (even grunge) can still be innovative and witty. Grunge is not dead it just needed some Therapy?.


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