Mission Impossible Soundtrack

By Nicole Kobie

Apparently, it’s not mission impossible to make a decent soundtrack. Music from and Inspired by M:I2, Hollywood’s latest contribution, sounds more like a compilation than soundtrack.

The famous Mission: Impossible theme gets the Limp Bizkit treatment, who create a fresh sound from an old favourite. Another excellent cover is Pink Floyd’s "Have a Cigar," courtesy of the Foo Fighters and Brian May.

High-energy tracks, like Apartment 26’s "Backwards," are mixed in with loud tracks by Metallica, Rob Zombie and Butthole Surfers. The disc slows down toward the end with Powderfinger’s well crafted "Not my Kinda Scene," Tori Amos’ disappointing "Carnival" and finishes with Hans Zimmer’s out-of-place, but catchy, "Nyah."


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