VP Research leaves

By Natalie Sit

May 23, University of Calgary Vice-president Research Len Bruton resigned from his position, expressing his intentions in an e-mail sent to all faculty members.

In the letter of resignation, Dr. Bruton expressed concern that the position of VP Research was marginalized and led to major administrative decisions he did not agree with. He said he planned to return to his position as an Electrical and Computer Engineering professor.

"We had a chat a week or so before that time," said Dr. White. "He’d indicated his intention. I was surprised, very surprised and disappointed. I asked him to reconsider. When I got the letter it was obvious that he hadn’t changed his mind."

Graduate Students’ Association President Viola Cassis also expressed surprise at Dr. Bruton’s announcement. According to Cassis, the GSA appreciated having a VP Research who believed research in social sciences and humanities is as important as research in the sciences.

"I felt he was very effective," said Cassis. "There’s a lot of things he’s done for graduate students and there’s a lot of issues he’s supported on our behalf."

Associate VP Research Keith Archer will take over the position effective July 1 and his term as interim VP Research will last one year.

Dr. Bruton is at a conference in Switzerland and was unavailable for comment.

With additional reporting by Roman Zakaluzny

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