Rainstorms and bogus jobs

By Kathy Schaerer

Summer-time sizzle brings a bit of peace and fun to the Campus Security office. Incidents were down this July, "but that’s typical," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz.

"Generally speaking, where there’s people, there’s bound to be a few problems; fewer people make fewer problems."

This month’s biggest culprit appears to be the rain. Recent heavy bursts and storms caused a number of water leaks on campus.

"The most significant thing is that little rainstorm we had," Fritz explained. As innocuous as it may have seemed at the time, it caused 17 different leaks.

"We checked all 51 buildings with the help of Caretaking."

All the leaks were caught before any real problems ensued.
On the other side of the coin, hot weather caused problems for a small dog left in a hot car.

"It just was not a good idea," said Fritz. "The window was open a crack, but the poor little guy wasn’t doing so good."

The SPCA was contacted, and the owner was thankful for the

A bogus job posting used to gain personal information about applicants caused Career Services some problems. Students applying for the questionable position were asked to disclose their credit card number and other information like their Social Insurance Number which could be used to gain other confidential information.

"It’s like everything else, 99 per cent [of the postings] are very legitimate, but every once in a while people take advantage of students," said Fritz. "Be wary of people asking personal information. Most times [on applications] they don’t even ask for your age, let alone your credit card number."

Movie-making on campus (Anthrax and Speaking of Sex) required help from Campus Security. The filmmakers needed extra security during filming. Fritz got a smile out of the anywhere-but-here actions of the movie makers.

"They covered our main sign… [Speaking of Sex] is supposed to take place in Boise, Idaho," he laughed.

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