Criticism of Lieberman smacks of ignorance

By Jan Creaser

When U.S. Presidential candidate and current Vice-president Al Gore named Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman as his running mate, Internet sites all over the country exploded with anti-semitic sentiments. Apparently, the only religion that flies in the States is Protestant Christianity. I say this because many harken this week’s "daring" move by Gore to the hubbub… Continue reading Criticism of Lieberman smacks of ignorance

Mr. Cho speaks out about SU’s decision to close McQ’s

By Chung Hung Cho

Editors, the GauntletRe: “McQ’s becomes McSU’s,” May 18, 2000Re: “Outcry over ousting of McQ’s,” July 20, 2000Re: “SU store benefits students more than McQ’s,” July 27, 2000A number of errors appear in [Toby White’s] letter and I want to correct them. Mr. White says that the SU purchased my leftover inventory. The SU purchased less… Continue reading Mr. Cho speaks out about SU’s decision to close McQ’s

Alcohol Fun Facts

In Arabic, the word “kohl” means a fine powder of antimony used as an eye make-up. The word “alcohol” originally denoted any fine powder; the alchemists of medieval Europe later applied it to essences obtained by distillation, and this led to the current usage.   Dionysus was the Greek god of wine and vegetation. He… Continue reading Alcohol Fun Facts

The Lost Reviews

By Ricardo Urbina

Describing an evening at the Speakeasy is not a simple task. The beer is the same as in any other club, the service is friendly, and there is a distinctive local clientele. And among the laborers, the barrage of high school boys, and the office types stepping in for a quick drink on the way… Continue reading The Lost Reviews

The Lost Reviews

By Ricardo Urbina

Ever have one of those nights where you just have to go out and show off those new Armani virgin wool slacks you just bought? Or perhaps that silk Versace shirt looks too good not to be seen in public? No problem, the Concorde is the perfect place to display those designer threads. The closest… Continue reading The Lost Reviews

Hangover remedies

By Natalie Sit

Disclaimer: Please ask a medical expert if you have any questions regarding alcohol, its effects and problems it may cause. The following article should not be taken as advice from a medical professional.      Most university students at one point in time–likely in the morning–wish they didn’t drink that extra pint of beer. A pounding headache,… Continue reading Hangover remedies

Impaired Driving

By Jan Creaser

Driving While Impaired • If the police determine that your ability to drive a vehicle has been impaired by alcohol or drugs, even if your Blood Alcohol Reading is below 80 mg per 100 mL blood, you can be charged with impaired driving. • Refusing to provide a breath sample can result in a criminal… Continue reading Impaired Driving

A life more fully lived

By Darby Sawchuk

Liver damage. Abuse of all kinds. Dead brain cells. Hangovers. Belligerence. Wasted money. Violence. Fatal car accidents. Addiction. Vomiting. And on and on… These are not a few of my favourite things. All of them are potential results of the zealous consumption of alcohol. Decision-making is a process of balancing potential risks against potential rewards.… Continue reading A life more fully lived