The Lost Reviews

By Ricardo Urbina

Ever have one of those nights where you just have to go out and show off those new Armani virgin wool slacks you just bought? Or perhaps that silk Versace shirt looks too good not to be seen in public? No problem, the Concorde is the perfect place to display those designer threads. The closest thing Calgary has to New York chic, the Concorde has no problem attracting a young, hip crowd. Or at least those who like to believe they are young and hip. Not technically a martini bar per se, they can still make a good one, with their well-stocked, quality bar. Concorde’s real specialty are their mojitos, a Cuban-style drink made of white rum, ice, crushed sugar and mint leaves. When there, try one; your taste buds will thank you. Concorde also features a good selection of Asian/Cuban fusion cuisine. With its sleek interior design and measured use of lighting, the Concorde makes for an aesthetically pleasing visit. Even if you don’t have designer clothes hanging in your closet, a visit can make anyone feel they’re worth a million in prizes.

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